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Installed software

Product Version
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Installed extensions

Special pages
Admin Dashboard A dashboard for administrators with easy access to their tools Wikia
Bucky Real User Monitoring wladek
Canonical Href (Version 1.1)This extension prints a link type="canonical" tag with a canonical representation of the url, which is used by Google, MSN, and Yahoo! to funnel PageRank. Nick Sullivan nick at, Maciej Brencz and Sean Colombo
CategoryTree Dynamically navigate the category structure Daniel Kinzler
CheckUser (Version 2.3)Grants users with the appropriate permission the ability to check user's IP addresses and other information Tim Starling and Aaron Schulz
CloseMyAccount Allows users to close their own accounts. Daniel Grunwell (Grunny)
Content Feeds Provides rich and up to date information through various tags or "feeds" Adrian 'ADi' Wieczorek
Create Page Allows to create a new page using Wikia's WYSIWYG editor Bartek Lapinski and Adrian Wieczorek
CuratedContent FANDOM Curated Content mobile app modules Wikia
Discussions Activate or access community Discussions from this page. Wikia
DiscussionsLog <discussionslog-desc> Wikia
DownloadYourData (Version 1.0)Allows users to download their data
Editcount Displays edit count of a user Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
FinishCreateWiki Wiki creation wizard Hyun Lim
Forum Wikia's Special:Forum extension; disabled Kyle Florence, Saipetch Kongkatong and Tomasz Odrobny
Founder Emails Helps informing founders about changes on their wiki Adrian 'ADi' Wieczorek
Game Guides Wikia Game Guides mobile app modules Federico "Lox" Lucignano
GlobalWatchlist <globalwatchlist-desc> Adrian 'ADi' Wieczorek and Piotr Molski
Image Serving (Version 1.0.1)Selects images from a specified array of pages based on visual requirements Tomasz Odrobny
ImageServing test (Version 0.0.0)ImageServing testing web pege Tomasz Odrobny
Insights (Version 2.0)Introduces the Special:Insights special page and subpages which list articles or templates that require attention from contributors. Łukasz Konieczny, Adam Karminski <> and Kamil Koterba
InterwikiDispatcher Solves interwiki links to reduce Apache redirects Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
LatestPhotos (Version 1) Bogna "bognix" Knychała
Local users Piotr Molski
MiniEditor <minieditor-desc> Liz Lee, Kyle Florence and Owen Davis
MostPopularCategories Get list of most popular categories Moli <moli at>
Multi Wiki Delete Special Multi Wiki Delete Bartek Łapiński, Piotr Molski
Multi Wiki Edit Special Multi Wiki Edit Bartek Łapiński, Piotr Molski
Multi-Title Finder Staff tool to search for a specific title across FANDOM Moli <moli at>
Multiple Lookup Provides user information look up on multiple wikis Bartek Lapinski and Piotr Molski
MultipleUpload (Version 2.1)Allows users to upload several files at once Travis Derouin
Nuke (Version 1.1.4)Gives administrators the ability to mass delete pages Brion Vibber and Jeroen De Dauw
PageShare (Version 1) Bartosz "V." Bentkowski
PartnerFeed Partner Feed extension Wikia
PerformanceMonitoring Fandom, Inc.
Piggyback (Version 0.0.1)Allows logging on as another user Tomasz Odrobny
Random in category (Version 2.0)Special page to get a random page in category VasilievVV and Sam Reed
Sitemap (Version 1.1)Generate Sitemaps for the wiki on the fly Krzysztof Krzyżaniak
SiteWideMessages This extension provides an interface for sending messages seen on all wikis. Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned) and Daniel Grunwell (Grunny)
SpecialUnusedVideos Implements Special:UnusedVideos to show unused videos. Garth Webb, Hyun Lim, Liz Lee and Saipetch Kongkatong
SpecialVideos Implements Special:Videos Liz Lee and Saipetch Kongkatong
SpecialWithoutimages Implements Special:WithoutImages to show pages without images Wikia
StaffLog (Version 0.0.1)Centralised logging for staff Tomasz Odrobny
Tags report List of articles which use special tags in text (like 'dpl', 'youtube') Piotr Molski
Theme designer Allows wiki administrators to design a theme for a wiki Christian Williams, Inez Korczyński and Maciej Brencz
Unsubscribe (Version 0.2)Single email unsubscribe point C. Uberfuzzy Stafford and Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski
User Wall - disabled Message Wall functionality for wikis without the Wall extension enabled Tomek Odrobny, Andrzej Łukaszewski and Piotr Bablok
UserLogin UserLogin extension Hyun Lim and Saipetch Kongkatong
UserPreferencesV2 User Preferences v2 Wikia
UserRenameTool Adds a special page to rename a user (need renameuser right) and process all the related data Federico "Lox" Lucignano and Władysław Bodzek
UserTools user-tools-desc Bogna "bognix" Knychała
WantedPagesPageWikia Extension to overwrite MediaWiki special pages that are based on QueryPage Jacek Jursza <jacek at>
Watchlist improvements (Version 1.0.0)Improvements for the watchlist functionality Tomasz Odrobny
Wikia Special Unlockdb Wikia version of MW Special::UnlockDB Piotr Molski (MoLi)
WikiActivity A private home page for logged-in users Inez Korczyński, Maciej Brencz and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
WikiaLogo (Version 1) Bogna "bognix" Knychała
WikiaNewFiles Extends a special page to override some of the header formatting Garth Webb <> and Piotr Gabryjeluk <>
WikiFeatures Allows privileged users to toggle Wikia's optional features Hyun Lim and Owen Davis
Parser hooks
ActivityFeedTag (Version 1.0)Provides wiki activity data Inez Korczyński and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
Apester Tag Extension (Version 1)Apester widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia
AutoMainpageFixer (Version 1.0)Keeps MediaWiki:Mainpage upto date as the main page is moved. Chris Stafford (uberfuzzy)
CategoryTree Dynamically navigate the category structure Daniel Kinzler
CharInsert Allows creation of JavaScript box for inserting non-standard characters Brion Vibber
Cite Adds <ref[ name=id]> and <references/> tags, for citations Ævar Arnfjörð Bjarmason
CreateBox (Version 1.6)Specialised inputbox for page creation Ross McClure
DPLforum (Version 3.4.0)DPL-based forum extension Ross McClure
DynamicPageList (third party) (Version 2.3.0)A highly flexible report generator for MediaWikis Gero Scholz
EasyTimeline Adds <timeline> tag to create timelines Erik Zachte
Facebook Tags Implements support for Facebook social plugins inside MediaWiki as parser tags Fandom, Inc.
Google Form Tag Extension (Version 1)Google Form widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia
GoogleDocs4MW adds <googlespreadsheet> tag for Google Docs' spreadsheets display Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski
ImageMap Allows client-side clickable image maps using <imagemap> tag Tim Starling
InfoboxBuilder InfoboxBuilder is a tool that allows users to build Lua-based infoboxes without any programming skills and to use custom Lua modules for logical operations on demand. Adam Karmiński <>
InputBox (Version 0.1.4)Allow inclusion of predefined HTML forms Erik Moeller, Leonardo Pimenta, Rob Church, Trevor Parscal and DaSch
JWPlayer Tag Extension (Version 1) X-Wing Team @Wikia
Loops (Version 0.4)Parser functions for performing loops David M. Sledge and Daniel Werner
Maps (Version 5.2.0 alpha)Enables embedding of dynamic maps into wiki pages, geocoding of addresses and other geographical operations Jeroen De Dauw and others
Math (Version 1.0)Render mathematical formulas between <math> ... </math> tags Tomasz Wegrzanowski, Brion Vibber and others
OpenGraphMeta Adds OpenGraph meta tags used by Facebook's Like button Daniel Friesen
ParserFunctions (Version 1.4.1)Enhance parser with logical functions Tim Starling, Robert Rohde, Ross McClure and Juraj Simlovic
Playbuzz Tag Extension (Version 1)Playbuzz widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia
Poem Adds <poem> tag for poem formatting Nikola Smolenski, Brion Vibber and Steve Sanbeg
Polldaddy Tag Extension (Version 1)Polldaddy widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia
Portable Infobox (Version 0.1)Create portable infoboxes which can be rendered using clean semantic HTML markup on any skin / platform using using easy to understand powerful XML-like markup Adam Robak, Diana Falkowska, Jacek Jursza, Mateusz Rybarski, Rafał Leszczyński and Sebastian Marzjan
RandomImage Provides a random media picker using <randomimage /> Rob Church
RandomSelection (Version 2.1.3)Displays a random option from the given set. Ross McClure
Regex Fun (Version 1.1)Adds parser functions allowing the use of regular expressions within wiki pages Daniel Werner
RelatedPages <wikirelatedpages-desc> Adrian 'ADi' Wieczorek
Scribunto Framework for embedding scripting languages into MediaWiki pages Victor Vasiliev and Tim Starling
SoundCloud Tag Extension (Version 1)SoundCloud widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia and TK-999
Spotify Tag Extension (Version 1)Spotify widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia
SyntaxHighlight (Version syntax highlighting <syntaxhighlight> using GeSHi - Generic Syntax Highlighter Brion Vibber, Tim Starling, Rob Church and Niklas Laxström
Tabber (Version 1.01)Create tabs that contain wiki compatible based data Eric Fortin
TabView Gives an easy way of combining pages into one page with a tab for each sub-page. Inez Korczynski and Maciej Brencz
Variables (Version 2.0)Parser functions allowing to work with dynamic variables in an article scoped context Rob Adams, Tom Hempel, Xiloynaha and Daniel Werner
VK Tag Extension (Version 1)VK widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing Team @Wikia
Weibo Tag Extension (Version 0.1)Weibo widget integration for the Wikia platform X-Wing @Wikia
Wikia IRC Gateway Lets users insert IRC login form on any page Łukasz 'TOR' Garczewski
Wikia RSS feed Enhanced 3rd party RSS extension. Loads RSS data asynchronously via AJAX requests and displays a RSS feed on a wiki page Andrzej 'nAndy' Łukaszewski
Media handlers
OggHandler Handler for Ogg Theora and Vorbis files, with JavaScript player Tim Starling
Spam prevention
AntiSpoof Blocks the creation of accounts with mixed-script, confusing and similar usernames Brion Vibber
QuickTools A collection of tools to make fighting spam and vandalism, and other tasks for staff and volunteers easier Daniel Grunwell (Grunny)
Title Blacklist (Version 1.4.2)Allows administrators to forbid creation of pages and user accounts per a blacklist and whitelist Victor Vasiliev and Fran Rogers
Announcements (Version 1)<announcements-desc>
Design System (Version 1)<design-system-desc>
First Contributions (Version 1)<firstcontributions-desc> Wikia
Mercury API (Version 1)This extensions provides API classes for the Mercury project
A/B Testing (Version 1.0)The A/B Testing extension is used by Wikia to test what effects different features or settings have on actual users. Sean Colombo, Władysław Bodzek, Kyle Florence and Piotr Bablok
Abuse Filter Bypass (Version 1.0.0)Allows privileged users to bypass all AbuseFilter filters Nelson Monterroso
AchievementsII An achievement badges system for wiki users Wikia
Ad Engine (Version 1.0)Tracking opt in Wikia
AdEngine (Version 3.0)AdEngine Wikia
Affiliate Service
AnalyticsEngine Nick Sullivan
AntiSpamInput (Version 0.4)Simple spambot blocking mechanism. Łukasz 'TOR' Garczewski
article.json (Version 0.1)Extension that extracts from an article as much as we can to send it as an json to a client
ArticleComments (Version 2.0)Article comments for wiki pages Krzysztof Krzyżaniak (eloy) and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
ArticleMetaDescription (Version 1.1)adding meta-description tag containing snippet of the Article, provided by the ArticleService Adrian 'ADi' Wieczorek and Sean Colombo
ArticlesAsResources (Version 1.0)Serves multiple MediaWiki articles combined together (and minified) as JS or CSS resources. Sean Colombo, Wladyslaw Bodzek and Kyle Florence
ArticleSummary An extension to serve article summary information Garth Webb
AssetsManager An extension to serve various assets Inez Korczyński
Auth Preferences <auth-prefs-desc> Fandom, Inc.
AutoFollow (Version 1.0)Automatically adds a user to default watchlists for his language. Adam Karminski <>
BannerNotifications Displays system notifications for events such as AJAX failures Hyun Lim, Maciej Brencz and Bartłomiej (Bart) Kowalczyk
BlogArticles <blogs-desc> Krzysztof Krzyżaniak (eloy), Piotr Molski, Adrian Wieczorek, Przemek Piotrowski (Nef) and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
Captcha Provides CAPTCHA techniques to protect against spam and password-guessing Garth Webb
CategoryBlueLinks This extension makes all link to category pages appear as "known" (aka "blue"). Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski
CategoryExhibition New look to category page Jakub Kurcek
CategoryGalleries Shows a pages gallery on category pages Władysław Bodzek
CategoryPage3 Extension SEO friendly category pages Igor Rogatty
CategorySelect Provides an interface for managing categories in a page without editing whole page Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned) and Kyle Florence
CommentCSV Enables privileged users to download article and blog comments as a CSV file. Daniel Grunwell (Grunny)
CommunityMessages Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
Content Review (Version 1.0)This extension creates a process by which community JavaScript is manually reviewed before it goes live for visitors. Adam Karmiński, Łukasz Konieczny, Kamil Koterba, Mariusz Czeszejko-Sochacki and Daniel Grunwell
DataProvider data provider for wikia skins Inez Korczyński, Tomasz Klim, Maciej Brencz and Gerard Adamczewski
DataValues Validators (Version 0.1.2)Contains common ValueValidator implementations Jeroen De Dauw and The Wikidata team
DiscussionModeration <feeds-reported-page-api-desc> Fandom
DiscussionPermissions <Manages discussion related APIs permissions> Fandom
DismissableSiteNotice Allows users to close the sitenotice Brion Vibber
Edit preview (Version 1)Enables users to preview their edits before saving them
EditorPreference Allows users to set their preference of editor Matt Klucsarits
EditPageLayout (Version 1.0)Applies updated layout for edit pages Maciej Brencz
Email <email-desc> Garth Webb <>, James Sutterfield <> and Matt Klucsarits <>
FandomComMigration Extension Display notification about the migration Igor Rogatty
FilePage Modification of the standard MediaWiki file page for video support Garth Webb, Hyun Lim, Liz Lee and Saipetch Kongkatong
ForumIndexProtector (Version 1.0)Prevents anon users from editing Forum:Index Chris Stafford (uberfuzzy)
FounderProgressBar A task hub and guide for new wiki founders Wikia
Global CSS/JS (Version 1.0)Adds global user CSS and JavaScript to a page, fetched from the Central Wikia. Dariusz Siedlecki and Wladyslaw Bodzek
Global Shortcuts (Version 1.0)

Improve your browsing and editing experience using shortcut keys on Wikia.

This extension provides some key shortcuts and an actions explorer to help users navigate to important pages or perform certain actions.

Kamil Koterba and Władysław Bodzek
Google Tag Manager
HAWelcome (Version 1009)Sends a welcome message to users after their first edits Krzysztof 'Eloy' Krzyżaniak <>, Maciej 'Marooned' Błaszkowski <> and Michał 'Mix' Roszka <>
Hydralytics (Version 1.0)Provides Wiki Analytics Admin Dashboard Brent Copeland, Alexia E. Smith, Hydra Wiki Platform Team and Fandom Data Engineering Team
Image Placeholder (Add Images) (Version 0.61)Creates image/video placeholders Bartek Łapiński
ImageLazyLoad Lazy loading for images inside articles Piotr Bablok
ImageSEO SEO tweaks for images in an article Maciej Błaszkowski, Christian Williams and Federico "Lox" Lucignano <>
ImportJS (Version 1.0)This extension allows importing reviewed JS from other wikis using the MediaWiki page MediaWiki:ImportJS. Adam Karmiński, Łukasz Konieczny, Kamil Koterba, Mariusz Czeszejko-Sochacki and Daniel Grunwell
IndexingPipeline IndexingPipeline Wikia
JSMessages (Version 1.1)Adds support for MW messages in JS code Maciej Brencz
JSSnippets JSSnippets simplify loading and execution of on demand JS files Maciej Brencz (macbre) <macbre at> and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned) <marooned at>
JSVariables JSVariables extension Inez Korczyński (
Language Names (Version 3.0.0 (CLDR 2.0.1))Extension which provides localised language names based on CLDR data Niklas Laxström, Siebrand Mazeland and Ryan Kaldari
Lightbox Lightbox extension Hyun Lim, Liz Lee, Saipetch Kongkatong, Garth Webb and James Sutterfield
LinkSuggest (Version 2.0)Suggests links to editors on edit view Inez Korczyński, Bartek Łapiński, Łukasz Garczewski, Maciej Brencz, Jesús Martínez Novo, Jack Phoenix, Sean Colombo and Robert Elwell
MainPageTag Enable easy column formatting for wiki mainpages Christian Williams
MediaGallery MediaGallery extension Liz Lee, Garth Webb, James Sutterfield and Armon Rabiyan
Oasis Skin (Version 1.0)Provides an easy way to add hooks for Oasis skin modules Maciej Brencz
OpenGraphMetaCustomizations (Version 0.3)Customizes the output of OpenGraphMeta extension to include an image from Wikia's ImageServing extension and a description from Wikia's ArticleService Sean Colombo and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
Paginator Paginator extension Jakub Kurcek
ParserHooks (Version 1.5.0)OOP interface for creating MediaWiki parser hooks in a declarative fashion Jeroen De Dauw
Per-skin Parser Cache Makes the MediaWiki parser cache wikitext on a per-skin basis. Federico "Lox" Lucignano <>
Phalanx II Phalanx is an Integrated Spam Defense Mechanism Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned), Maciej Brencz, Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski, Bartek Łapiński, Daniel Grunwell (Grunny), Władysław Bodzek, Piotr Molski (, Krzysztof Krzyżaniak ( and Maciej Szumocki (
Photo Gallery (Version 4.0)Provides an interface for managing galleries and slideshows in pages Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned) and Maciej Brencz
Pool Counter Client MediaWiki client for the pool counter daemon Tim Starling
Rail (Version 1)Right Rail for pages
RecentChanges Recent changes - Wikia implementation Kyle Florence, Saipetch Kongkatong and Tomasz Odrobny
Recirculation (Version 0.2)Handles recirculating content Paul Oslund
Rich Text Editor (Wysiwyg) CKeditor integration for MediaWiki Inez Korczyński and Maciej Brencz
SharedHelp (Version 0.26)Takes pages from Community Central and inserts them into the Help namespace on this wiki Maciej Brencz, Inez Korczyński, Bartek Łapiński, Lucas 'TOR' Garczewski and Maciej Błaszkowski (Marooned)
SkinChooser Allows users to choose skins in their preferences Inez Korczynski
StaffPowers Gives Staff various superpowers like unblockable. Lucas Garczewski <>
SwiftCloudFiles (Version 1.7.10-wmf)Includes and registers the php-cloudfiles API (, allowing MediaWiki to interface with an OpenStack Swift storage backend. Aaron Schulz
Template Classification (Version 1.0)Interface for classifying templates to understand content better. Adam Karmiński and Kamil Koterba
TemplateDraft (Version 1.0)TemplateDraft extension Adam Karmiński
Thumbnails Image and video thumbnails on Wikia Liz Lee <liz at>, Saipetch Kongkatong <saipetch at>, Garth Webb <garth at>, Kenneth Kouot <kenneth at> and James Sutterfield <james at>
TimeAgo Messaging (Version 2.0)Provides i18n for jquery.timeago.js plugin Maciej Brencz
TOC (Version 1)Entry point for lazy loading TOC for the article
Track A class to help track events and pageviews for wikia Garth Webb
Twitter Tag (Version 1)Creates the <twitter> tag. TyA, sactage and X-Wing Team @ Wikia
TwitterCards Add meta tags for Twitter Cards Piotr Gabryjeluk <rychu at> and Saipetch Kongkatong <saipetch at>
Validator (Version 2.2.1)<validator-desc> Jeroen De Dauw
Video Embed Tool (Version 0.99)Wikia's Video Embed Tool Bartek Łapiński, Inez Korczyński
VideoHandlers Handling of videos within MediaWiki file architecture Jakub Kurcek <jakub at>, Will Lee <wlee at>, Piotr Bablok <pbablok at>, Jacek Jursza <jacek at>, Saipetch Kongkatong <saipetch at>, Liz Lee <liz at>, Garth Webb <garth at> and James Sutterfield <james at>
VisualEditor (Version 0.1.0)Visual editor for MediaWiki Alex Monk, Bartosz Dziewoński, Christian Williams, David Chan, Ed Sanders, Inez Korczyński, James Forrester, Moriel Schottlender, Roan Kattouw, Rob Moen, Sucheta Ghoshal, Timo Tijhof and Trevor Parscal
VisualEditor for Wikia
WallNotifications Wall Notifications extension Wikia
Wikia Search (Version 3.0)<wikia-search-desc> Robert Elwell
Wikia Special:Version (Version 1.1)Wikia's extension for Special:Version, in support of package-based deployment. Robert Elwell
WikiaBar WikiaBar extension Andrzej 'nAndy' Łukaszewski, Marcin Maciejewski and Sebastian Marzjan
WikiaInYourLang (Version 1.0)Displays a notification if a wikia is available in a user's native language. The check is based on Geo cookie and a browser's language. Adam Karminski <>
WikiaMiniUpload (Add Images) WikiaMiniUpload extension Inez Korczyński and Bartek Łapiński
WikiaMobile Mobile Skin for Wikia Federico "Lox" Lucignano <federico(at)> and Jakub Olek <jakubolek(at)>
WikiaOrgMigration Extension Display notification about the migration, based on extension Przemysław Czaus
WikiaRecentChangesBlockHandler (Version 1)WikiaRecentChangesBlockHandler Andrzej "nAndy" Łukaszewski
Extension functions
Ach_Setup, CommunityMessagesInit, ImagePlaceholder_init, InsightsHooks::init, LanguageWikisIndexHooks::onExtensionFunctions, MathHooks::setup, SiteWideMessagesInit, Wikia\ContentReview\Hooks::register, Wikia\ContentReview\ImportJSHooks::register, Wikia\EditorSyntaxHighlighting\EditorSyntaxHighlightingRegisterHooks::registerHooks, Wikia\GlobalShortcuts\Hooks::register, Wikia\Security\CSRFDetector::setupHooks, Wikia\TemplateClassification\Hooks::register, efCategoryTree, wfAntiSpamInputInit, wfContentFeedsInit, wfFounderEmailsInit, wfOasisSetup, wfSetupMostPopularCategories, (ExtDynamicPageList, setupDPL), (Closure), (Closure), (Closure), (Closure) and (Closure)
Parser extension tags
<ac_metadata>, <activityfeed>, <apester>, <bloglist>, <categorytree>, <charinsert>, <choose>, <comments>, <coordinates>, <createbox>, <display_line>, <display_map>, <display_point>, <display_points>, <distance>, <dpl>, <dynamicpagelist>, <fb:follow>, <fb:like>, <fb:like-box>, <fb:page>, <fb:share-button>, <finddestination>, <forum>, <gallery>, <geocode>, <geodistance>, <googleform>, <googlespreadsheet>, <helper>, <highestrated>, <imagemap>, <imap>, <infobox>, <inputbox>, <irclogin>, <jwplayer>, <loggedin>, <loggedout>, <mainpage-endcolumn>, <mainpage-leftcolumn-start>, <mainpage-rightcolumn-start>, <maplib>, <mapsdoc>, <math>, <mostvisited>, <newpageslist>, <nowiki>, <pageby>, <pagetools>, <playbuzz>, <poem>, <polldaddy>, <pre>, <randomimage>, <recentimages>, <ref>, <references>, <rhtml>, <rss>, <section>, <soundcloud>, <source>, <spotify>, <staff>, <syntaxhighlight>, <tabber>, <tabview>, <timeline>, <topuserslist>, <twitter>, <twitteruser>, <verbatim>, <videogallery>, <vk>, <vote>, <weibo>, <widget>, <wikitweets> and <youtube>
Parser function hooks
anchorencode, basepagename, basepagenamee, canonicalurl, canonicalurle, categorytree, coordinates, count, defaultsort, display_line, display_map, display_point, display_points, displaytitle, distance, dowhile, dpl, dplchapter, dplmatrix, dplnum, dplreplace, dplvar, explode, expr, filepath, finddestination, forargs, formatdate, formatnum, fornumargs, forumlink, fullpagename, fullpagenamee, fullurl, fullurle, gender, geocode, geodistance, grammar, if, ifeq, iferror, ifexist, ifexpr, infoboxbuilder, int, invoke, language, lc, lcfirst, len, localurl, localurle, loop, mapsdoc, namespace, namespacee, ns, nse, numberingroup, numberofactiveusers, numberofadmins, numberofarticles, numberofedits, numberoffiles, numberofpages, numberofusers, pad, padleft, padright, pagename, pagenamee, pagesincategory, pagesize, plural, pos, protectionlevel, regex, regex_var, regexall, regexquote, rel2abs, replace, rpos, setmainimage, special, sub, subjectpagename, subjectpagenamee, subjectspace, subjectspacee, subpagename, subpagenamee, switch, tag, talkpagename, talkpagenamee, talkspace, talkspacee, time, timel, titleparts, uc, ucfirst, urldecode, urlencode, var, var_final, vardefine, vardefineecho, varexists and while
File extensions allowed for upload
gif, ico, jpeg, jpg, odc, odf, odg, odi, odm, odp, ods, odt, oga, ogg, ogv, pdf, png and svg
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